Кадр из фильма «Father's Theater/Children's Drama»
Театр папы / Дети драмы
Father's Theater/Children's Drama
  • 75 min.
  • russian
  • english

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What is the secret of the theatre's longevity? All successful theaters are different, as are the personalities of their artistic directors. How does the character of the individual affect the atmosphere in the team? Is it possible to bring family values ​​into the team of the professional community? Where is the line between friendship and familiarity? What is a sign of recognition and respect? Musicians, artists, actors have lived in Vladivostok for a long time. They lived together, worked together. They really wanted honor, success, understanding and glory. That is the custom. Who are they? Primorsky Academic Regional Drama Theater named after Maxim Gorky.



Alexander Melkumov
Alexander Melkumov
Alexander Melkumov and Anatoly Petrov
Alexey Kucherenko
Sound operator
Ivan Geranchev


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