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Последние Робинзоны Охотского моря. Фильм 2
The Last Robinsons of The Sea of Okhotsk. Part 2
  • 59 min.
  • russian
  • english
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Only a person who is ready to learn everything that our ancestors could do can live on a desert island: understand the sea, live by the ebb and flow, build a boat, catch a fish, find a “common language” with a bear, bake bread. The inhabitants of the hard-to-reach Cape Alevina in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk can do all this. There are only three of them on the island, and suddenly something went wrong.

The film consists of two parts, the first is devoted to the life of the lighthouse and meteorologists at Cape Alevina, the second is the life of lighthouses at Cape Taran. These are two completely different stories about harsh, hard-to-reach places, and people who are able to survive here, or rather live.

Participation in festivals:

  • prize for the best camera work - film festival "We won together"
  • diploma of the participant of the festival "Flaertiana"



Svetlana Bychenko
Svetlana Bychenko
Svetlana Bychenko, Valentin Mironov
Svetlana Bychenko
Roberto Caccapaglia


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