Кадр из фильма «Luhansk tale»
Луганская повесть
Luhansk tale
  • 60 min.
  • russian

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A film about the Luhansk militias, whose fates are traced during the most critical period of the war, which has been going on for the fourth year now in the Donbass. Summer 2014, the moment of truth, the death of Russian journalists, hundreds of thousands of refugees. Luhansk, a city with a population of 700,000, is defended by no more than a thousand fighters in these tragic days. Then there will be humanitarian convoys, Russian volunteers will come, Russia will move, begin to help the Donbass, at the same moment everything depended on former collective farmers, miners, teachers, taxi drivers who took up arms and went through each of their unique military paths, became militia fighters, artillerymen, commanders of platoons and regiments, and miraculously defended the city. The authors of the film filmed next to their protagonists, sometimes under fire, but in addition, they distributed cameras to the militias themselves, taught them how to shoot. About the militias of Lugansk, about a thousand brave people who wrote history, without understanding it themselves, this film.



Valery Timoshchenko
Valery Timoshchenko
Valery Timoshchenko, Yakov Umantsev, Viktor Lychagin, Vladislav Bagrintsev, Evgeny Petrov
Dmitry Yakunin, Philip Abryutin, Valery Timoshchenko, Olga Filonova
Andrey Goncharov


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