Кадр из фильма «Map of Legends of Komi Republic 2»
Карта легенд Республики Коми 2
Map of Legends of Komi Republic 2
  • 24 min.
  • komi
  • russian, english
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A documentary from a series about the most epic, mysterious, interesting places in the northern region of Russia. Based on the legends of local residents, the authors travel through remote villages and open the most hidden corners of Komi to the viewer, film folklore in animation format. For this film, the authors traveled around 8 different hard-to-reach locations in the Ust-Kulomsky district of the Komi Republic, talked with a dozen old-timers and local historians, traveled by boat, all-terrain vehicles, car, spent several sleepless nights in the deep taiga under the howling of wolves. The authors strive to show the epic and history of their small homeland on the screen in a modern, stylish and atmospheric way, as well as with humor. The authors do not try to adapt to the generally accepted norms for covering the stories of the hinterland. The purpose of the project is to show that the heritage of a small homeland is elegant and powerful. Filming is conducted by young creative professionals, natives of the Komi Republic.



Nikita Belorusov
Ksenia Vaneeva, Nikita Belorusov
Nikita Belorusov
Ksenia Vaneeva
Stanislav Nadeev
Sound operator
Andrey Vurdov


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