Кадр из фильма «Nun»
  • 12+
  • 55 min.
  • russian
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This is a documentary about a renowned precentor and a church composer Irina Denissova who suddenly becomes a nun in the apex of her career. At the same time, this is a film about God's love towards man. It seemed that a tragedy had occurred: a family of two prominent musicians was ruined, and Irina was abandoned by her husband while struggling with a serious disease of her son. However, she finds a new sense in life rather than being with her beloved husband all the time. Her life is now aimed at being constantly with God. Then, through the prayers of his mother, her son receives a miraculous healing and all her three children embrace faith.

The second life of the main character - the one after the tonsure - turns out to be no less abundant, interesting and creative. According to the director of the film, a monastery is by no means a confinement, and the life of the persons who wear black monastic robes is much richer than we can imagine.



Galina Adamovich
Galina Adamovich
Tatyana Loginova, Vlad Danilovich
Sound operator
Pavel Bury, Konstantin Karmanov, Ivan Klyuev, Sergei Sinyavsky


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