Гений? Я аж обалдела, когда он вдруг заиграл аккордами. Самый маленький пианист Гавриил Щербенко

Genius? I was stunned when he suddenly started playing chords. The smallest pianist Gavriil Shcherbenko

  • 82 min
  • Russian
When Gavrilushka reached the age of one year and three months, his mother was astonished to observe his ability to play the piano. The toddler confidently executed a few chords with his left hand and even began to produce a melody with his right. Every day Gavriil Shcherbenko played more and more and better. Videos capturing the young prodigy's performances started circulating globally, leading to comparisons with legendary figures such as Mozart, Richter, and Beethoven. Gavrilushka has collected a diverse fan base, comprising individuals fluent in various languages, all captivated by his musical talent. Remarkably, while his fans comprehend his playing effortlessly, the young boy himself has yet to utter his first words. Gabriel Shcherbenko's parents view this journey as a remarkable adventure, uncertain whether their child will eventually cease playing or, conversely, embark on a path of professional musical education.