Elena Pogrebizhskaya
Elena Pogrebizhskaya
Журналист, режиссёр и сценарист документального кино. Художественный руководитель студии «Партизанец», член Академии российского телевидения.
Date of birth
When Gavrilushka reached the age of one year and three months, his mother was astonished to observe his ability to play the piano. The toddler confidently executed a few chords with his left hand and even began to produce a melody with his right. Every day Gavriil Shcherbenko played more and more and better. Videos capturing the young prodigy's performances started circulating globally, leading to comparisons with legendary figures such as Mozart, Richter, and Beethoven. Gavrilushka has collected a diverse fan base, comprising individuals fluent in various languages, all captivated by his musical talent. Remarkably, while his fans comprehend his playing effortlessly, the young boy himself has yet to utter his first words. Gabriel Shcherbenko's parents view this journey as a remarkable adventure, uncertain whether their child will eventually cease playing or, conversely, embark on a path of professional musical education.
Genius? I was stunned when he suddenly started playing chords. The smallest pianist Gavriil Shcherbenko
82 min
The word "intersex" refers to people who are born with sexual characteristics that differ from the typical structure of the male or female body. Intersex variation may be noticeable at birth, or it may not become apparent until adolescence or even later. There are about 40 different intersex variations. About 120 million carriers of intersex variations now live in the world. How do intersex people live in Russia?
Doctors and parents decided behind my back which of me to make: a boy or a girl. Intersex people in Russia
85 min
There is a problem in the world of unequal treatment of people depending on their place of residence and birth, outlook on life, and their social status. In many countries, such people have troubles in their socialization. In our film, we try to reveal one of such situations in Russia using the example of social subsidies for newborns, whose state support depends on the place of birth.
The Muscovite’s box
28 min
On the night of August 13, 2012, the hotel Rus, which stands on the outskirts of Biysk, was especially noisy. The company of four guests, two guys and two girls, was very noisy, they constantly walked up and down the stairs, laughing loudly and talking loudly. The administrator made a remark to them, the guests calmed down and went to their rooms. Ten minutes passed. And then the door of one of the rooms opened with a bang, and from there, holding his stomach, a barefoot guy in shorts ran out and rushed down the stairs to the street. The hotel guard met the runner in the yard and saw that a deep wound was gaping on his stomach. “She cut me with a knife,” the wounded man said with difficulty. A day later, he died in the hospital. An investigation has begun. The victim's name was Sergei Cherkaikin. The girl who stabbed him is Tatyana Andreeva. The story soon became widely known. It included social networks, newspapers and magazines, all major TV channels and the most rated programs. The whole country seemed to want to know who is the villain in this case, and who is the victim? Everyone wanted to understand the Andreeva Case. And the filmmaker too.
Tatiana Andreeva case
53 min
A documentary about whether there is a happy old age in Russia. The protagonist of the film is old in body, but not old in spirit. He ages so as not to lose the joy of life and the clarity of his eyes. Eccentricity or an example for the rest? The film talks about the key issues of life and death. The film will allow you to come closer to accepting an indisputable fact, that one day everyone will have to ask themselves “Do I have a life after retirement?”
Life after retirement
30 min
The protagonist of the film, a young guy, Vaska, was deprived of all human freedoms and locked forever behind the fence of an invalid's home. With the help of good sorceresses, he overcame the state dragon, won the life he dreamed of and was rewarded with the love of a beautiful girl, whom he had been striving for for many years.
52 min
Sashka, Nastya and Lekha will spend their entire childhood in the boarding school. The boarding school is more like a children's prison, although the adults who work there are convinced that they make children happy.
Mom i will kill you
51 min
A little female doctor spends a significant part of her life at the station helping the homeless. Why would she?
Dr. Lisa
47 min
What is real life? This is when even death you can turn a part of life. That is exactly what Igor Alekseev, a doctor and writer from Saratov, did. In the face of imminent death from cancer, he began to keep an online diary and share with readers the experience of struggling and dying.
Blood seller
48 min