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Дело Андреевой
Tatiana Andreeva case
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On the night of August 13, 2012, the hotel Rus, which stands on the outskirts of Biysk, was especially noisy. The company of four guests, two guys and two girls, was very noisy, they constantly walked up and down the stairs, laughing loudly and talking loudly. The administrator made a remark to them, the guests calmed down and went to their rooms. Ten minutes passed. And then the door of one of the rooms opened with a bang, and from there, holding his stomach, a barefoot guy in shorts ran out and rushed down the stairs to the street. The hotel guard met the runner in the yard and saw that a deep wound was gaping on his stomach. “She cut me with a knife,” the wounded man said with difficulty. A day later, he died in the hospital. An investigation has begun. The victim's name was Sergei Cherkaikin. The girl who stabbed him is Tatyana Andreeva. The story soon became widely known. It included social networks, newspapers and magazines, all major TV channels and the most rated programs. The whole country seemed to want to know who is the villain in this case, and who is the victim? Everyone wanted to understand the Andreeva Case. And the filmmaker too.



Elena Pogrebizhskaya
Elena Pogrebizhskaya
Marina Pogrebizhskaya
Elena Pogrebizhskaya
Alexey Kharlamov


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