Кадр из фильма «What happens tomorrow»
Что будет завтра
What happens tomorrow
  • 13 min.
  • russian
  • english
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Laysan is preparing to represent Russia at the European Table Tennis Championships, behind her are awards and years of sports training on the way to a dream. The strong love of the family and the support of people close in spirit overcome stereotypes and rejection of society, because once Leysan was not destined to even attend a kindergarten. Mom was allowed to bring Leysan to school only once for a memorable photo, and, finding herself behind the fence of the school line, Ramzia, Leysan's mother, decided to develop her daughter's talents. Will Leysan manage to bring victory at the upcoming European Championship in Finland in Tampere?



Anastasia Shtandke
Anastasia Shtandke
Anastasia Shtandke
Anastasia Shtandke
Sound operator
Anastasia Shtandke


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