Artdoc Club

The Artdoc Club is a community of documentary film professionals. Club members are representatives of the film industry: directors and members of selection commissions of international festivals, distributors of non-feature films, acquisition managers of TV channels and media, heads of cultural clubs and centers, film critics and journalists writing about non-feature films. Тhe accession of new members is possible upon invitation from the direction of Artdocfest/ArtdocMedia.


  • Free screening of all films of Artdoc.Media, except first runs of the current year

  • Complimentary tickets to all Artdoc.Media online screenings

  • Complimentary tickets for Artdocfest opening and closing ceremonies

  • Access to all screenings and events of Artdocfest in Russia.


  • Alena Solntseva

    Alena SolntsevaFilm Critic

  • Andrey Archangelsky

    Andrey ArchangelskyFilm Critic

  • Andrey Plahov

    Andrey PlahovFilm Critic

  • Andrey Shemyackin

    Andrey ShemyackinFilm Critic

  • Anton Dolin

    Anton DolinFilm Critic

  • Vasiliy Koreckiy

    Vasiliy KoreckiyFilm Critic

  • Viktor Matizen

    Viktor MatizenFilm Critic

  • Konstantin Shavlovskiy

    Konstantin ShavlovskiyFilm Critic

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