Nikita Efimov
Nikita Efimov
Окончил филологический факультет Псковского государственного университета и Школу документального кино и театра Марины Разбежкиной и Михаила Угарова. Работал корреспондентом на областном телевидении.
Viktor Ryzhakov became the Sovremennik Theater's artistic director, after the death of Galina Volchek, who directed the troupe for almost half a century and enjoyed absolute authority. For the first production in the theater, the new artistic director chooses a play about a family whose members no longer understand each other. While working on the play, the director and the actors are becoming more and more like the characters of the future performance. It is also difficult for them to find mutual understanding within their "theatrical family”.
Proposed circumstances
82 min
Un réalisateur arrive dans une colonie pénitentiaire de haute sécurité pour tourner un documentaire sur un chef d'équipe qui travaille avec les prisonniers. Ce dernier estime cependant qu'il n'est pas utile de montrer la vie quotidienne de la colonie telle qu'elle est réellement. Il procède alors à des mises en scène qu'il dirige lui-même. Mais la réalité parvient tout de même à s'immiscer dans la production.

La projection sera suivie d’un débat avec le réalisateur !

A film director arrives at a maximum-security penal colony to shoot a documentary about a squad leader who works with prisoners. The manager however, believes that it is not worth showing the daily life of the colony as it actually is and proceeds to shoot staged scenes, which he directs himself. The author of the film patiently records how this movie is shot, but real life still manages to break into the production.
Strict regime
46 min
Two indigenous residents of St. Petersburg accidentally meet on the Fontanka embankment and begin to remember the city of their childhood.
Residents of Leningrad
9 min
Novorzhev is a small town in the Pskov region. After six in the evening, its streets are empty, and it seems that life in this place has stopped. But it boils in the House of Culture, where local residents are rehearsing a play based on a play by a Spanish playwright. The main characters poison each other with poison, try to shoot their relatives, die, writhing from convulsions, and at some point it is no longer clear where life is and where the theater is.
Kind Souls
40 min