Vera Krichevskaya
Vera Krichevskaya
Журналист, телережиссёр и продюсер. Бывший креативный продюсер «24 Док». Один из основателей телеканала «Дождь». Программы Кричевской трижды удостаивались премии «ТЭФИ».
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In 2008, Natasha, a newly rich woman, decides to launch an independent TV station in Russia and builds an open-minded team of outcasts. By 2020, Natasha has lost everything to Russia’s war between truth and propaganda.

The film is available for viewing only on the territory of the Russian Federation.
126 min
A biopic documentary about Boris Nemtsov, whose whole life, starting from a young age, is tightly intertwined with the history of the new Russia. The main voice of the film is the voice of Nemtsov himself, a compilation created by the authors from archival radio and television interviews. At the same time, the film is built on unique archival footage and memories of major figures of the 90s. Among the narrators are Tatyana Yumasheva, daughter and adviser to President Boris Yeltsin, Valentin Yumashev, head of the presidential administration, Yeltsin's press secretary Sergei Yastrzhembsky, businessman Mikhail Fridman, politician Grigory Yavlinsky and many others. This is not only a biography of Boris Nemtsov, but also a film about the history of Russia over the past 25 years.
Too free man
126 min
For the 5th anniversary of the Dozhd TV channel, the first creative producer of Dozhd, Vera Krichevskaya, wanted to share with you stories about how the channel changed along with the country. And as a result, a whole documentary series turned out from this idea. It is much wider than life inside the Dozhd. Five episodes about every year of the life of the Dozhd TV channel. In the 5th episode, all the most important things that happened in the life of Dozhd in 2014 - the Siege survey, Timur Olevsky got lost in the Donbass, the investigation of the missing paratroopers in Ukraine and Dozhd's moves from Krasny Oktyabr to the apartment.
Untold stories. Rain. The first five-year plan
40 min
A film about the satirical project of Andrei Vasiliev, Mikhail Efremov and Dmitry Bykov "Citizen Poet", which has become not only the most striking cultural initiative in our country in recent years, but a truly all-Russian cultural phenomenon.
Citizen Poet. Run of the Year
89 min