Elena Demidova
Elena Demidova
Режиссер, сценарист, продюсер. Первое образование – МВТУ им. Баумана. Режиссерское образование – киношкола «интерньюс» (мастерская Марины Разбежкиной). Член гильдии кинорежиссеров РФ и гильдии неигрового кино.
Date of birth
The story of a woman who literally changes her life before our eyes. With a prison behind her and a life in a dysfunctional environment, she is trying to become an actress. She plays in the theater, she is filmed by Loznitsa and Serebrennikov, but she has nowhere to live, and there is no money even for cigarettes. The new life is difficult, and the old one pulls back. And the prison is still nearby, because she finds herself at the very center of the Moscow protests.

The film is available only on the territory of the Russian Federation.
The third life of Marina Klescheva
90 min
Masha is sick with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). She can no longer move and speak, only her fingers move a little and make it possible to control a computer mouse, and then it will be even worse. She lives in a poor apartment with her little daughter. Alice is a successful musician. She comes to Masha as a music therapist. They are from different worlds and contact might not work out, but something happens between them, from which they become less afraid.
Alice from wonderland
31 min
Peasant summer from early spring to late autumn. Today there are no peasant farms in the Voronezh steppes for a long time, the collective farms are a thing of the past, and the various firms created in their place, the land was bought up by huge holdings. Others today are tractor drivers, those who are lucky with work. Other news on the radios, the Donbass is very close, and in that summer of 2015 there were battles going on there. But summer is still a whole life that still needs to be lived.
Lord's Summer
72 min
The communist poet Nazim Hikmet, after serving 17 years in Turkish prisons, fled to the Soviet Union as the country of victorious communism. Communism turned out to be a hoax, it lost its homeland forever. The Turkish word "hasret" (longing) is one of the few Turkish words that his adopted daughter learned. His heart could not stand the melancholy and hypocrisy of Soviet life, he died early and was buried in Moscow, where he was safely forgotten. But this old story becomes suddenly very relevant during the referendum in Istanbul.
83 min
Documentary film-study. The film crew visited places connected with the life of XII Pandito Khambo Lama Etigelov, met people for whom his story is not a conversation about the past, but a part of their own daily life. Lamas, researchers, museum workers, local historians took part in the shooting of the picture. The geography of the project extends from Moscow and St. Petersburg to the most remote corners of Buryatia and the Trans-Baikal Territory. This is an audiovisual study about the culture of Russian Buddhists and how their worldview fits into the context of the history of the whole country.

- Winner of 2nd Nepal Cultural International Film Festival 2020
The Mystery of A Buryat Lama
93 min
Anna Grigoryevna, an ordinary Soviet woman, dreamed of a trip to Paris for thirty years. And in 1986, during perestroika, she finally finds herself in the city of her dreams. Her husband and son give her a camera, but because of an excess of emotions, she forgets all the instructions and brings the film, which, when developed, turned out to be a marriage. Recently, the adult son of Anna Grigoryevna found a film. And I decided that this is modern art! He walks around the studios, exhibition curators, they laugh at him, this story is incomprehensible to his mother, his girlfriend is not interested in it. And between these walks, a life passes in which each of these women claims her rights to him.
Paris 1986
49 min
An experimental film that combines fiction and documentary films. Filming took place in Buryatia, the center of Russian Buddhism.
77 min
Lesha is the last man in his village, other men have died or left. The village burned down, houses for the victims of the fire were built in another village twenty kilometers away. But Lesha does not want to leave. He really wants to find a woman, a wife, but instead, a female director periodically visits him. He wants love, and she makes movies.

Festivals and awards:

Open Documentary Film Festival "Artdocfest", Moscow, 2016, special program
International Ecological Film Festival "Meridian of Hope", St. Petersburg, 2017, in competition
Russian Film Festival "Window to Europe", Vyborg, 2017, program
Cape Town International Film Festival, Cape Town, South Africa, 2017, in competition
Sputnik over Poland Film Festival, Warsaw, Poland, 2017, in competition
Film festival "Date with Russia", Vologda, 2017, in the program
Alaska International Film Awards, Kodiak, USA, 2019, Prize
The last man
100 min
The filming history of the first Soviet film to win an Oscar in 1943, the documentary "Moscow strikes back", tells about the defeat of the Nazis near Moscow.
From parade to the Oskar
52 min
Three stories about men of different ages and professions who extract gas from one of the fields on the Yamal Peninsula. For them, this is the only opportunity to earn decent money, and in order to support their families, they are forced to leave them for a long time. Watching the heroes, we are trying to understand what pulls people north and keeps them there? How do they deal with difficulties? Is the money they earn worth the trouble they have?
Male choice
75 min
Panel Khrushchevs are destroyed. The excavator crushes concrete blocks like cardboard. It looks a bit like a dragon with a long neck. And he almost destroyed the house next to the one in which Sasha and Lena live. They still live, although the rest of the tenants have already moved out to new apartments, and utilities have long been turned off. When the dragon gets to the home of Sasha and Lena, it will be too late for them to look for a new one. So they need to do something now.
Sasha, Lena and the Iron Dragon
47 min
Summer 2010. Russia. Fires. The village of Lesha burned down almost completely, only charred trees and heaps of bricks remained in place of houses. He walks along the former village street to feed the cat and dog that live in his ashes. He goes and talks about fires and not only about them.

Festivals and awards:

International Film Festival "Message to Man", Saint-Petersburg, 2011, Diploma of Student Jury
International festival of independent cinema "2morrow/tomorrow", Moscow, 2011, in co
Russian Film Festival, London, UK, 2011, program International Human Rights Film Festival "Stalker", Moscow, 2011, prize
International teleconference INPUT, 2011, Russia, program
International Documentary Film Festival on Human Rights, Kiev, 2012, prize
All-Russian Ecological Film Festival "Meridian of Hope", St. Petersburg, 2012, prize for directing
Moscow International Film Festival, Moscow, 2011, Russian program
Russian Film Festival "Window to Europe", Vyborg, 2012, Diploma
International Documentary Film Festival "Tranzit", Poznań, Poland, 2012, in competition
Minsk International Film Festival "Listapad", Minsk, 2012, program
Millennium International Documentary Film Festival, Brussels, Belgium, 2013, in competition
International Festival of Documentary and Anthropological Films, Pärnu, Estonia, 2013, in competition
NAFA Ethnographic Film Festival, Bilbao, Spain, 2013, in competition
31 min
Summer 2010. The entire central part of Russia is engulfed in fires. The authors, together with volunteers, go to the very epicenter of events. Volunteers, foresters, firefighters - they are not heroes in the usual sense of the word, it was just their life, their misfortune, and they tried to cope with it as best they could.
Portmanteau film dedicated to the fires of summer 2010
127 min
This family left the city for the countryside, because its head is a typical Russian Munchausen. A dreamer and an unscrupulous. In his yard, he builds a wind turbine and raises beehives with bees to the roof, because in nature, bees live in hollow trees. The wife sometimes argues, sometimes agrees with her husband, takes care of the children, the household and assures that she lives in paradise. And sometimes she plays the piano with her eyes closed. The village around is empty, almost all the inhabitants have left for the cities or died, and the heroes live like on an island. And their children clean the sewers, learn English, German and grow up.
Cranberry island
65 min
A film about simple human love in a large family. The head of the family, Grigory Babanin, went through the Chechen war and managed to keep the warmth that he gives to his children, and there are 16 of them, and all are adopted.
Time to go home
26 min
The series is based on the memories of children, participants and witnesses of various events in Russia in the 20th century. How children who grew up in Russia in different years of the 20th century perceived the world around them, and with it the everyday life of Russian history. Life, the behavior of parents, the behavior of friends and enemies of the family, the external environment, social upheavals, political events, all this is noticed by children, all this adds up to that picture of history that we will not find either in official reports or in historical research.
Russian history through the eyes of children - 2
208 min
On the streets of a small village, an ordinary evening. Passion Week is coming, people clean their yards and houses before Easter, and have a rest. And the ambulance has its own work as well as the whole year. Lack of tools, old cars, bad roads.
Holy Week
21 min