Alina Gorlova
Alina Gorlova
Director and film editor. Graduated from Kyiv National University of Theatre, Film & Television. Experienced in making fiction shorts, and social and commercial ads. Her film THIS RAIN WILL NEVER STOP won the Award for Best First Appearance at IDFA.
The film takes the audience on a powerful, visually arresting journey through humanity’s endless cycle of war and peace. The film follows 20-year-old Andriy Suleyman as he tries to secure a sustainable future while navigating the human toll of an armed conflict. From the Syrian civil war to strife in Ukraine, Andriy’s existence is framed by the seemingly eternal flow of life and death.
This Rain Will Never Stop
104 min
This is the story of the woman who returns from war. Talking to psychologists, battling her PTSD and panic attacks, she tries hard to get back to normal life. The documentary shows her path from the beginning of her rehabilitation till her going back to work. Today in Ukraine we are facing the global problem. Hundreds of Ukrainian warriors come back from the war and they don't get psychological help to avoid post traumatic stress disorder. They stay alone with their heavy and suicidal thoughts.
No obvious signs
64 min
Military actions have been ongoing in the East of Ukraine for 3 years now. From the first days of war in different hot military action zones women are part of the actions and perform military tasks. However, society still retains an ambiguous, stereotypical attitude towards women in the army... Three women-directors narrate about 6 women-soldiers from across Ukraine. Six different stories, nine different perspectives of war and female heroism in it.
Invisible battalion
89 min
Kholodny Yar is a mysterious place in the very center of Ukraine, where history intersects with the present in a strange way. It seems that nature remembers all the uprisings and battles, of which there were many. And to this day, outcasts, vagabonds, esotericists, downshifters and just people flock to Cold Yar in search of their place. In a mosaic meditative narrative, the filmmakers try to understand why people find a sense of freedom here.
Kholodny Yar. Intro
60 min