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Vostok N°20
Vostok N°20 (watch online: 10/12, 22:00)
  • France
  • 2018
  • 50 min.
  • russian, french
  • english, french

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Online screenings:
07/12, 19:00 (-)
10/12, 22:00 (on sale!)

The film will be available within 3 hours from the scheduled beginning.

According to the arrangement with the right-holder, the online screening is availble only for Russia.

Daily life in a third-class Transsiberian wagon named Vostok N 20. Between discomfort, shared meals, boredom and confessions to strangers, people spend their time as they can. In the form of literary counterpoint, poems of Marina Tsvétaeva told by Fanny Ardant illuminates the feelings of passengers: their loneliness, their desires for freedom and love.




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