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In isolation
  • 19 min.
  • russian
  • english

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Do you know what real isolation is? In the mid-2000s, 17-year-old Kolya Voronov, a lanky guy with a synthesizer, gained viral popularity with the song "White Dragonfly of Love." Kolya quickly became the center of attention of journalists. He has been invited to interviews and talk shows countless times, and his eccentric songs have been parodied and covered by famous artists. This went on for several years, and then there was silence. Kolya has disappeared. Even the premiere of Ilya Khrzhanovsky's film "Dow", where Voronov, at the peak of his popularity, played one of the central characters, left him in the shadows. A severe mental illness deprived Kolya of the ability to work, perform and, most importantly, maintain social ties. The disease plunged him into real isolation, where only he, the cat and the music exist.



Yakov Laptev
Yakov Laptev
Yakov Laptev
Yakov Laptev


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