Кадр из фильма «List of Greatest Citizen of Ekaterinburg»
Список почетных граждан Екатеринбурга
List of Greatest Citizen of Ekaterinburg
  • 33 min.
  • russian

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Officials make lists of honorary citizens of the city in alphabetical order. The old man Bukashkin is not on this list, there is no poet, artist, punk-rock buffoon, youth shepherd, Yekaterinburg cultural leader. The widow and son of Bukashkin talk about the frailty of his life after his death. The widow, a bank accountant, during her lifetime did not like to go to her husband's workshop, but she was not particularly expected there. Son Yaroslav, on the contrary, considered his father very brave. He is a son from another woman, now lives in Austria, works like a father, in the energy sector (at the IAEA), spent all his childhood in Bukashkin's workshop, sang with him and drew donation boards.



Svetlana Abakumova
Svetlana Abakumova
Svetlana Abakumova, Nikolai Zemlyanikov
Svetlana Abakumova
Old Man Bukashkin
Sound operator
Svetlana Terpug


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