Кадр из фильма «Russian racing»
Русские гонки
Russian racing
  • 16+
  • 90 min.
  • russian

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Every year, Beringia takes place in Kamchatka, the longest dog sled race in Russia. Participants overcome more than 1000-kilometer route in more than three weeks. For Kamchatka, the race is an event of the greatest importance. It carries a unifying principle, connecting the Kamchatka Territory with a reliable sledge trail and a bright holiday. Moving along with the participants of the race, observing the life of villages and towns, it is as if you see a living cast from our homeland, where the destinies of people and peoples are intertwined in a tight knot. The race is attended by mushers (dog sled riders) of different nationalities and ages, men and women, professionals and amateurs. The Kamchatka priest father Vladislav also participates in it. He is called on the road not only by sports passion. He hurries to his parishioners, who live in small villages scattered across the vast Kamchatka. Father Vladislav can go this way from south to north only in winter and only in this way.



Serik Beiseuov, Sergey Dogorov
Serik Beiseuov
Sergey Dogorov, Daniil Volodin
Julia Mishkinene, Bakur Bakuradze, Alexander Pechen
Tatyana Kotavinina
Sound operator
Sergey Rasskazchikov


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