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Презумпция виновности
Presumption of guilt
  • 29 min.
  • russian
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A young journalist Andrey Evgeniyev has always dreamed of becoming a war reporter. He served in the navy, took part in "The Crimean Spring", participated in a navy military parade after Crimea became a part of Russia. After conscription service he worked on a regional television channel, created several stories about security officers, discussed in detail the crime detection and drug confiscation.

Unexpectedly, he found himself on the other side of the prison grid. Evgeniyev was detained in the middle of the street by police officers, and after a search was conducted, the prosecutor signed a drug confiscation order. The court took the prosecutor’s side and Andrey was sentenced to three years of imprisonment. But the young journalist claims that he has fallen victim of arbitrariness and that someone framed him on a count of drug possession for the sake of statistics – because it is the easiest way to prosecute and solve criminal cases.

Andrey's relatives and colleagues don't give up. Former sailor refuses to ask for parole, because in that case he would have to admit guilt. The head of department for criminal investigation, who interrogated the journalist, was promoted for his good work. Meanwhile prisoner Evgeniyev met some friends in misfortune, who also claimed that they have fallen victims to circumstances and the same police officers. Another young man – Nikita Mikheenko serves his sentence for possession of drugs after meeting with the same investigator - Gorneev. Nikita's relatives are trying to prove their son’s innocence, but no matter what they do, they are met by “presumption of guilt”. The court always trusts law enforcement officers, even when they have no proof except a protocol of search.

Will the young men manage to defend their dignity or will they forever remain the convicted criminals with indelible stains on their biographies?

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