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More recently, Palekh was known on a global scale. Now it is rare if a modern resident of Russia remembers at least in which region of his country Palekh is located. How did it happen? Does the city with the highest density of artists per square meter deserve to be forgotten? And by the way, is it even a city? The heroes of the film are two local residents who will talk about their understanding of the Russian hinterland and the creative atmosphere that has not yet left Palekh.

- Faludi International Film Festival (Hungary) - Best Short Documentary;
- International Film Festival "In Love with Art" (St. Petersburg) - Special Jury Prize;
- Russian Film Festival (Moscow) - Laureate in the nomination "Heritage";
- International Festival "Arctic Open" (Arkhangelsk) - Nomination in the program "Documentary Film", shortlist;
- Media Festival "Motherland in the Heart" (Moscow) - Participant of the program, shortlist;
- International Film Festival "Nevsky Blagovest" (St. Petersburg)
- Participant of the program, shortlist;
- Christmas Film Festival Weihnachtsfilmfestival (Germany) – Participant of the program, shortlist;
- Zilant 2019 (Kazan) - special jury prize "For a bright artistic solution";
- Young Filmmaker (Krasnodar) - "Best TV Film", Diploma of the 2nd degree;
- International Film Festival "Freedom" (Rostov-on-Don) - 2nd place for the "Best Documentary Film";
- Echo BRICS Film Festival (Echo BRICS FF) - participant;
- Echo "Zerkalo" (Ivanovo) - participant;
- Le Prince International Film Festival (Caracas) - shortlist;
- IFF "Human Cinema" (Chelyabinsk) - shortlist.



Alexander Abramov
Ksenia Smirnova
Artem Markin
Alexander Abramov
Alexander Abramov


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Special'naya nagrada zhyuri «Za yarkoe hudozhestvennoe reshenie» Mezhdunarodnogo kinofestivalya «Zilant 2019» (Kazan')

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Special'nyy priz zhyuri na III Mezhdunarodnom kinofestivale kul'turnogo naslediya «Vlyublennye v iskusstvo» (Sankt-Peterburg)

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Pervoe mesto v nominacii «Luchshiy korotkometrazhnyy dokumental'nyy fil'm» na mezhdunarodnom festivale «Faludi International Film Festival» (Budapesht)