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Мой друг Борис Немцов
My friend Boris Nemtsov
  • 16+
  • 70 min.
  • russian
  • english
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I was 22. I worked in the news. The task to shoot Boris Nemtsov was perceived as a challenge: the old narcissistic bourgeois, well, what is interesting about him? He was 53. He was already a graduate student in physics, and vice-premier, and "Boris Yeltsin's heir". And he turned out to be cool, kind and sincere. And we became friends. And then they killed him. This film is about how a big historical context is narrowed down to a small personal story. How acquaintance develops into friendship. Filming news reports for several years in a row, the camera snatched out a little more than it was supposed to, examined it more closely than usual, turning it into a movie. This is a portrait film. Accidental, passing, tragicomic. A look at a living person who plays the role of a big politician all his life. However, he enjoyed this role. Joke after joke, and now you are Nemtsov's bosom friend. I thought Nemtsov was eternal, I thought I could always shoot him. But life decided otherwise. Leaving me with only 70 minutes of a film about a man who is no more. The work was awarded at the International Film Festival of Documentary, Short Feature and Animated Films "Message to Man" - 2016: "Centaur" Prize for the best full-length non-fiction film of the national competition.



Zosia Rodkevich
Zosia Rodkevich
Zosya Rodkevich, Pavel Kostomarov, Maria Pavlova, Ksenia Elyan
Alexander Rastorguev, Pavel Kostomarov, Maria Gavrilova, Max Tuula


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