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The Bridge
  • 44 min.
  • russian
  • english
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In the remote taiga on a federal highway, an incorrectly constructed bridge collapsed. It was built incorrectly because they simply stole some of the money. About a hundred people are forced to live in the wild, close to bears and wolves, without hot food and a place to sleep. On TV, they constantly report that the state of emergency is being eliminated and people are being rescued. But in fact, people are left to their own devices. And this state of emergency, oddly enough, turns into an unforgettable vacation for many who stayed in the self-proclaimed state on the banks of the Elga River. Traditionally, in Russia, the authorities were the first force that tried to harm the Russian people, but here, in the taiga, thousands of kilometers from Moscow, the authorities could not reach the victims of this state of emergency. And the people who remained at the mercy of fate, in the wild, without any help and support, for some reason, became incredibly happy.



Georgy Porotov
Pavel Kobyak, Nikita Arkhipov, David Darce, Alexander Zatona, Georgy Porotov, Vovan Stepanov, Anatoly Golovanev, Dmitry Lipanov
Pavel Kobyak


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