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Italy: Love It or Leave It
  • 16+
  • 75 min.
  • italian

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All the closest friends have either already left or are sitting on their suitcases. Because this country is unbearable, impossible to live in, it has a stuffy social atmosphere, a disgusting education system, exploitation of ordinary people, a nauseating value system, total corruption, complete indifference to human rights, sexism, homophobia, and pop music is everywhere in culture. This is today's Italy. And it's time to get out of here. Moreover, the landlord asks the authors of the film to move out of the apartment. Well, leave, so far away. However, everything is not so simple. Even this Italy, where it's time to go, has positive aspects, wonderful people live in it, it has the Colosseum and amazing food, it has a great cultural heritage and a historically proven Fiat. She has something to love, you just need to take a closer look at her. The authors of the film take a trip around their country, in order to finally come to a common solution to the dilemma of leaving now or loving Italy in the course of a comedy documentary road movie.



Luca Ragazzi, Gustav Hofer
Luca Ragazzi, Gustav Hofer
Michele Paradisi
Vanya del Borgo


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