Кадр из фильма «History of the Soviet poster. History of spontaneous consumption»
История советского плаката. История спонтанного потребления
History of the Soviet poster. History of spontaneous consumption
  • 39 min.
  • russian

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Today, browsing the news feeds on the Internet, glancing at the shop windows, we almost do not react to the riot of colors of advertising posters. The information flow is so powerful that consciousness discards it as informational garbage. But from time to time, something makes us freeze at least for a moment and take a closer look at the next image. Who, when and why made the poster a weapon of the proletariat? And how a daring symbiosis of arts, which stood guard over the interests of the young state a hundred years ago, has grown into a whole industry of fine arts that forms public opinion and fashion trends. And most importantly, it has become an effective tool in the fight for your wallet.



Natalia Urmatskikh
Natalia Urmatskikh
Andrey Pozharsky
Anastasia Alekseeva, Denis Kovalevsky, Elena Kalmykova
Mikhail Nagikh
Sound operator
Arkady Noskov


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