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Хлеб. Ген
Bread. Gene
  • 12+
  • 39 min.
  • russian
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Each grain crop, wheat, rye, rice and corn for centuries "created" a special type of person. For example, rye shaped the Slavic culture, wheat influenced the inhabitants of almost all of Central Europe and much of Asia, corn shaped the inhabitants from Mexico to Nicaragua, and rice shaped the representatives of Japan, India and China. Today, genetic engineers are trying to create the bread of the future. It is likely that after some time we will have 3D food printers in our kitchens that will be able to "print" buns, loaves or confectionery. True, scientists are convinced that only part of the components for the "printer" will be chemical, and the rest of the components will continue to be grown on earth. At the same time, some researchers believe that genetic engineering may turn out to be a "Pandora's box", while others are sure that it is no longer possible to do without it.



Tamara Bocharova
Tamara Bocharova, Oleg Kolin
Evgeniy Krivtsov, Sergey Sirbu
Sergey Shumakov


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