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The Key Role
  • 12+
  • 32 min.
  • russian
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Xenia’s adult life was certain to be bright and happy. Academy of Fine Arts, playing in theatre, friends, admirers, and first love were there in her life. As she plunged in her feelings, she did not even realize that she was about to follow a path of temptation and suffering. Everything she holds precious — friends and her future fame as an actress — is sacrificed to drugs. Atonement is soon to follow: she finds out she is HIV-positive, her father dies, and her mother has a car accident… There seems to be no power, which could save her. However, the discovery of the faith, the self-sacrifice of her mother and the courage of her friend help her come back to life. The film is shot in the genre of docudrama in a modern and dynamic style and is sure to attract wide audience.



Vitaly Lyubetsky
Vitaly Lyubetsky
Vlad Danilovich
Alexander Goryanets
Sound operator
Павел Бурый


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