Кадр из фильма «Children of the Third Reich. In the shadow of their fathers»
Дети Третьего рейха. В тени отцов своих
Children of the Third Reich. In the shadow of their fathers
  • 16+
  • 52 min.
  • russian

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What happened to the children of famous Nazi criminals? What does it mean to be "captured by one's own names"? And what is it like to live, knowing that on the hands of your fathers and grandfathers the blood of thousands, and in some cases millions of innocent lives? It took many months to find the heroes of this film. People who had been in hiding for years did not dare to speak for a long time. Many suffer to this day, trying to get out of the shadows of the past. From the shadow of their fathers.



Tatyana Freydensson, Sergey Braverman
Tatyana Freydensson


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