Чукотка - Вашингтон. История бегства

Chukotka - Washington

  • 24 min
  • Russian, English
In September 2022, when mobilization was announced in Russia, residents of the Chukotka village of Egvekinot Maxim Teyunaut and Sergei Nechaev decided to escape so that they would not be sent to war in Ukraine. The closest place where you could escape on a small fishing boat was St. Lawrence Island, which belongs to the state of Alaska. In the USA, Teyunaut and Nechaev asked for political asylum. They spent three months in a migration prison. Baptist church pastor Roman Mitin, who comes from a Ukrainian family of Baptists who were persecuted for their faith in Soviet times, vouched for them. In the nineties they emigrated to the USA.