Кадр из фильма «Bortenevo Battle. The Feat of Knyaz Tverskoy»
Бортеневская битва. Подвиг князя Тверского
Bortenevo Battle. The Feat of Knyaz Tverskoy
  • 27 min.
  • russian

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The film “Bortenevo Battle. The Feat of Knyaz Tverskoy” is an attempt to look from a different perspective at the role of an individual in history. For centuries Russia has been an integral state with centralized governance. Today we can hardly realize what social and economic events took place in Ancient Rus in the 13-14 centuries, yet their importance consists in the fact that they became a starting point for the making of our country. The story about the feat of Mikhail Tverskoy is the best example illustrating mental strength as well as the time when without this strength survival seemed practically impossible.



Kirill Sedukhin
Kirill Sedukhin
Andrey Pozharsky
Anastasia Alekseeva, Denis Kovalevsky
Sound operator
Andrey Guryanov


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