Ivars Zviedris
Ivars Zviedris
Documentary film director and cinematographer. Studied at the Latvian Academy of Culture and at a TV production course in Denmark. Elected to the National Council for Electronic Media. Has received awards from the National Radio and Television Council.
Gravediggers prepare a lifelong home for us all. They do their work by standing over people when they are in grief and are the last hands to touch the grave towel that lowers the deceased a meter and a half below the ground. Alongside other ancient professions, gravediggers have inherited knowledge and skills through several generations - not only in digging holes but also in Latvia's rich cemetery culture, where everything has its order. Latvia's cemeteries are where traditions from different centuries meet, and every gravedigger needs to know them so that he or she can continue to receive the stamps for the job of digging graves. The most experienced of them have already received 5 000 such stamps, which is equivalent to the population of one town in Latvia.
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