Anastasia Hristova
Anastasia Hristova
Theater director, documentary filmmaker and producer. Studied at the Moscow Film School, course by E. Gindilis, Theater Academy, course of K. Raikin. Member of the Guild of non-fiction film and television.
Date of birth
In Spain, he is known as El Ruso. In Russia, he is considered to be a man of his time. A boy who fled the civil war and grew up in an orphanage became a friend and ally of the great Russian actors and directors: Lyubimov, Panfilov, Vysotsky, Tarkovsky. The main character in this film is Angel Gutierros. His life and reflections on the past and present, destiny and vocation.
I Walked in the Sea for Oranges
47 min
A week in the life of Mishka, a 7-year-old boy from Kiev, who fled the war with his mother in early March 2022. After traveling all over Europe, they came to Madrid.
22 min
An attempt to save her relationship with her mother. It all starts with a trip to the hospital, where the mother is given a disappointing diagnosis and, step by step, we are captured by the private life of mother and daughter: conversations at the dinner table, going to the church, loss of the beloved ones and the talks about the war. The generational conflict is the main theme of the film. The gap between older and younger people is still the trouble of the modern society. Different ideals, mismatched aspirations, conflicts and quarrels are the results of the communication. This film is a revelatory which is shot naturally by the author herself. The daughter speaks honestly about herself through the feelings for the most dear and yet infinitely far-away person - your own mother.
41 min