Una Celma
Una Celma
Graduated University of Latvia (1983), Film and Television Directing Program, Film Institute of Moscow (1989), Summer courses in English Boston, USA (1996). Directed feature films and documentaries. Managing director in film studio “Fenixfilm".
Date of birth
The film is about our times as reflected in the lives of women. It is the story of my classmates, the children of complete and total socialism, the environment where we grew up, our youth and who we are today. Newspapers and other mass media have never run stories about my classmates. They are background players who have never been really discovered. All we know is that they exist. They are the true representatives of their generation, a few among many women sharing the fate of their sex. The film is about women whose main function was family and raising children. They worked salaried jobs, cooked for their families, cleaned and washed and stood in long queues to buy sausage. Were they able to realize their dreams and their potential as women and as personalities?
Girls of 1960
71 min