Alexandra Simonova
Alexandra Simonova
Антрополог и кинорежиссер. Кандидат наук в области социокультурной антропологии Калифорнийского университета в Беркли.
The author of the film is a young woman, who came from Russia to start her PhD at UC Berkeley. She films her life after her son Lev is born in the US. Her American husband takes her to his family in Cambridge (MA). The film tells the story of the adaptation of a Russian woman living in the US in the moment of a dramatic global crisis brought up by the Russian invasion to Ukraine. Her American family embraces her as a new member. However, her appearance with a newborn in the house of a couple of elderly parents shakes their everyday life. Two-months old Lev brings old memories and unresolved conflicts from the past, which the family has to face now.
Self-Portrait with Lev
26 min
After a nuclear war, a small group of people survives in a bomb shelter. They fight for limited resources and struggle with radiation and monsters. This is the plot of a role-playing game organized in Crimean bomb shelters in 2019. The film follows a group of enthusiasts, who explored different versions of the future designed as a post-apocalyptic world. The role-playing game was a way of processing the memory of previous wars and reflecting on the possibility of coming wars — a reflection that today seems uncanny in light of Russia’s invasion to Ukraine in 2022 and the role of Crimean annexation in the current war.
Playing Apocalypse
25 min