Kseniia Sidorova
Kseniia Sidorova
Окончила юридический факультет. Работает секретарем судебного заседания в Барышском городском суде. Окончила курсы по журналистике, курсы кинематографистов студии "Снегири", онлайн-школу кино "Дебют", творческую мастерскую «Не/Снято».
Date of birth
It happens that the suspicion of stealing a broom and a ring entails the use of a gun and a knife. It happens that someone, trying to fulfill a childhood dream, is caught driving drunk and without a license for the third time. The women who work in the court of a small town know that a lot happens outside the walls of the court, but inside these walls they are trying to create their own pocket world. Judge's assistant Zhenya and secretary of the court session Ksyusha are going to make a film for the anniversary of the court, and meanwhile life goes on as usual with court sessions, birthdays, tea parties and mobilization.
My  Native Court
40 min
After the death of her grandmother, Xenia is left alone in an old village house. All her life she dreamed of moving, but now the house does not let her go. Time has frozen and turned into a dream, and maybe there is no one left, and only the old house tells its stories.
I'll say goodbye
10 min
Ksenia lives in a small town and works as a secretary in a criminal court. She loves to travel and dreams of moving, but she can't get away from her grandmother, who is getting more and more immersed in the world of dreams and visions every day. An unloved job, a failed romance, pills, depression and trains that pass by every time - all this is about spring, which comes regardless of our mood and problems.
28 min