Vladimir Koptsev
Vladimir Koptsev
Обучался в режиссерской мастерской Сокурова. Работал на телевидении Санкт-Петербурга корреспондентом новостей и каскадером в кино. Ранее окончил Тольяттинский Государственный Университет по специальности “Промышленное и Гражданское Строительство”.
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Priests of the Russian Orthodox Church, Sergiy and Roman, are the heads of church parishes. Sergiy serves in Russia. Roman serves in Thailand. Despite their common faith and the same order, their mindsets are fundamentally different. The war which has pitted the Orthodox nations against each other is a real test for both of them. Film Twinity - Independent Russian production.
51 min
The first Chechen war broke Russia in the mid-nineties. The war was lost, the country and the army was damaged. The recovery turned out to be incredibly difficult. Former soldiers - veterans of the famous "Wild Brigade" - cope with this trauma as best they can. For example, with their own hands and at their own expense, they decide to build a monument to fallen comrades at the gates of their long-abandoned military unit. Over and over again, they remind themselves of what they have experienced, not understanding how to break out of this vicious circle of war memories that still determine their whole life. A vicious circle in which not only a person can get lost, but the whole country can get lost by repeating the history and unleashing senseless wars.
The Wild Brigade
70 min