Sasha Kulak
Sasha Kulak
Sasha’s work in film spans a variety of visual projects ranging from documentary to fashion and music videos to photography and curation. Her first award winning documentary Salamanca premiered at IDFA and screened at HotDocs, Camden and other festivals.
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"A Hawk as Big as a Horse" follows the strange daily life of Lydia, born Sergei, a queer ornithologist who lives in Shcherbinka, a remote suburb of Moscow. She lives with her wife Vasilisa, working for a company that prevents bird strikes in airports. Vasilisa trains horses for the police of Moscow. In a wooden house that she built on her own Lydia tries to recreate the atmosphere of Twin Peaks, the famous David Lynch series she loves, and tries to make her own version. Sasha Kulak, the film's director, faces a question that will upset her concept of a of documentary: how can one extract reality from a dream? Sasha's voice draws us in until she becomes a character in a rare cinematic experience.
A Hawk as Big as a Horse
74 min
Along the banks of the Pinega, forests inhabited by wild animals and withering villages stretch. It is not so easy to get into them, the roads are washed away by water, so in summer the way here is possible only by boat. Local women honor traditions and remember old songs. Beliefs, conspiracies, funeral cries and lamentations they pass on to each other from mouth to mouth. The polyphony of this wilderness becomes the leitmotif of the entire film, a documentary musical, a hypnotic journey through the northern settlements of Russia.
Okay Good, Pinega
23 min
The documentary essay captures the changing emotions of ordinary people following the Belarus elections of 2020. The viewer is invited to join Mara while she watches the story unfold. Haunted by the scenes on the street she is caught between facing her reality and escaping into her dreams. This is an essay about a communal nightmare, a nightmare that has bound an entire nation together.
61 min
A film about the inexplicable property of a person to fill even the most frightening and abandoned places with energy and life. This is a portrait of the abandoned city of New Idrija and the last years of the lives of those who spent their youth believing in an alternative version of the American Dream.
Quicksilver Chronicles
75 min
Time stopped in Salamanca two hundred years ago when the first Mennonites moved to Mexico in search of their place on earth. Here everything is predetermined in advance, and the life of descendants repeats the life of their ancestors. While the protagonist of the film remembers his childhood, trying to find the right answer to the most important question of his life, days, months, and years pass slowly in Salamanca.
41 min
A documentary musical about a measured, like a song, life in the Russian outback somewhere near Vologda. It is sound: music, human voice and silence. A slowing and soothing spectacle, devoid of conflicts and sharp corners.
OK. Good
21 min