Nikita Stashkevich
Nikita Stashkevich
Родился в Санкт-Петербурге. В 2018 году поступил во Обучался во ВГИК, мастерская документального кино С. В. Мирошниченко.
In Donetsk, in the terrible and destructive atmosphere of the war, the violin teacher Larisa is raising a children's quartet. Music lessons help children escape from the effects of total horror. Larisa inspires children with her example of resilience and courage, desperately hiding her personal family tragedy. Soon the quartet will fall apart and the children will disperse in different directions. Before that, they will have their last joint performance in Moscow, in which they will enter into far from their last battle with darkness, horror and death.
63 min
Tatiana Revina, who has brought up several generations of Olympic champions in cross-country skiing, has lost everything. She lives in a crumbling country house with her daughter and three grandchildren. Grandson Mark wants to become a rapper and blogger, he is disgusted with sports. Tatiana is trying to instill in her grandson her lofty ideals, but the difference in outlook on life among these generations is too great. Soon their summer will end, the children will move to the city, leave Tatiana alone and make a decision: how and in the name of what to live.
Ski Track
45 min