Anna Nemzer
Anna Nemzer
Журналист, писатель, автор документальных фильмов. Работает на телеканале "Дождь", признанном в России иностранным агентом. Сфера основных интересов: советская и постсоветская история – не столько даже история, сколько память.
Galina Starovoitova entered politics two years before the collapse of the USSR, at the time of radical changes in the country; and all her activities over the course of ten years, until the moment of the murder, was both a hit on time and a fantastic advance. She was a real politician of the 90s, built a young Russian democracy, looked to the future with hope, soberly and bitterly assessing the present. But she can also be safely called a politician of the XXI century: Galina Starovoitova spoke about the most important current problems of our society, ahead of her time by several decades.
Presidential candidate
70 min
In 2020, the world realized that the Soviet Union, which seemed to have ceased to exist in 1991, did not disintegrate and continues to crumble with blood. In September 2020, the second Karabakh war broke out. Almost thirty years elapsed between it and the first war. In this film, Armenians and Azerbaijanis speak, those who found the first Karabakh war thirty years ago as children. They did not have time to learn either about territorial integrity or about the people's right to self-determination. They did not have time to learn their version of history. They did not have the opportunity to understand what and why the war was going on, because some of them simply did not know the meaning of the word "war". Thirty years later, the war returned to them again, or never stopped, it's just that no one except them noticed.
Children of Karabakh
120 min