Vladimir Sevrinovsky
Vladimir Sevrinovsky
Журналист, фотограф, продюсер, документалист. Кандидат экономических наук. Написал десятки статей, удостоенных премий. Публикуется в Meduza, Русский репортер, ROMB, National Geographic и др. Сотрудничает с ТВ Швейцарии, Великобритании, Франции и Германии.
The Marem Group is a team of volunteers helping victims of domestic violence in the North Caucasus, Russia. It was created in 2020 by Dagestani journalist Svetlana Anokhina. After their shelter was raided by a joined team of Chechen and Dagestani cops, they had to leave Russia. But Svetlana continues to evacuate girls. The documentary traces these runaways on different phases of evacuation – from their republics to the long process of rehabilitation in other countries. But abusers threaten not only girls. Members of the Marem Group are not safe even outside Russia. They can also become runaways at any moment.

Editing - Maxim Pakhomov.
59 min
The Nanai people are among the indigenous communities of the Far East, numbering approximately 12 thousand in Russia. Andrei Beldy, a cultural advocate for the Nanai community residing in the village of Naikhin, expresses concern about the fading of traditions and the Nanai language. With the onset of the war in Ukraine, many locals, including the elderly and deceased, received conscription notices. Beldy acknowledges relatives who have lost their lives but supports the war, emphasizing the importance of the state's territorial interests.
In Russian - "Special military operation", in Nanai - "War"
25 min
Letnyaya Zolotitsa is a village situated along the shores of the White Sea, approximately 180 kilometers from Arkhangelsk. During winter, access to the village is limited to snowmobiles or, alternatively, by air using an old An-2 aircraft. Ilya Ikonnikov, the head of the Letnyaya Zolotitsa landing site, assumes multiple roles, serving as an air traffic controller, airfield watchman, cashier, loader, and stoker—all in one. He travels to the village from his hometown of Onega as part of his duty. Ikonnikov, a former journalist and poet, finds less recognition and congratulations in his aviation work than the personalized epitaphs he crafts. However, he considers the "An-2 service" a calling passed down from his grandfather and father. The village, with fewer than 200 residents, experiences an influx of seasonal inhabitants during the summer. Most employment opportunities are in public organizations such as the post office, school, and administration, offering modest salaries. The Pomors, traditionally engaged in fishing, often find themselves unintentionally engaging in poaching due to challenging bureaucratic regulations. Letnyaya Zolotitsa lacks mobile communication and has limited internet access, but central television is readily available. Conversations often revolve around the war in Ukraine, and patriotism is taught in special lessons at the local school. While Ikonnikov opposes the war, his stance is somewhat of an exception in the village.
The winter in the Summer Zolotitsa
27 min
Tyva, Russia's poorest region, ranks first in the country in terms of confirmed war casualties per capita in Ukraine. Nadezhda Baykara, a resident of the small Tuvan village of Sush, is proud that the men from her family have always served. My uncle died on the territory of Ukraine during the Great Patriotic War, my son participated in the capture of the Crimea, was in Syria. In the spring, in the war in Ukraine, Nadezhda's beloved grandson, Aldyn-Kherel, died. Baikara is sure that her other grandson will also become a soldier. Meanwhile, local shamans perform rituals to keep the soldiers sent to Ukraine from death. Only a few young Tuvans, despite the risks, dare to speak out against the war.
Tyva and war
26 min
Anton is a wandering shaman in Tuva, a distant republic of Russian Siberia. Long time ago he abandoned his wife and kids to live the life of nomad. But he is getting old and he misses his home and family. He tries to court Darya, a lonely Russian woman.
Shaman and Darya
48 min
The Volochanka village is located in the middle of the Taimyr Peninsula. Half of its inhabitants are Dolgans, a Turkic people related to the Yakuts. The other half are the Nganasans, another indigenous people of the North. About a hundred people speak Nganasan all over the world, their traditional culture is under threat. The Terebikhin family came to the village. They are dreamers who come up with tons of different projects. The most ambitious, almost utopian is the construction of the first musk ox farm in Eurasia. But fulfilling the dream is not easy, because life in the North is hard and sometimes deadly.
72 min
Female circumcision is the name given to female genital mutilation. Female circumcision is practiced, including in the North Caucasus. There is no age limit; both an adult woman and a baby can trim the clitoris and labia. Most often girls 5-12 years old are circumcised. The authors spoke with women who were circumcised, found out where this mutilating rite came from and how it relates to Islam, and also answered the question of why the numerous victims are silent.
We have this happening
38 min