Aleksey Amelyushkin
Aleksey Amelyushkin
Продюсер и оператор документальных фильмов телеканала RT. Фотограф и автор статей на социальную тематику и статей о путешествиях. Имеет опыт полевых работ, в том числе и работы в горячих точках. Окончил актерские и режиссерские лаборатории Gogol School.
We are all dependent on something. Dependence on communication and on loneliness, on sex and on abstinence, on food and on sports, on drugs and on religion. But sometimes we are afraid to admit to ourselves and others in our phobias, fears and complexes. It is necessary to confess, because this is the only way to get rid of addiction. This strange year exposed our fears and made us more vulnerable, we had a lot of time for ourselves, and we became more honest. Let's try to talk about why and what we depend on. And how can we help each other become stronger and cope with everything. Addiction is not promiscuity, not permissiveness, but a disease of loneliness, which is almost impossible to overcome alone with oneself.
50 min