Maciej Cuske
Maciej Cuske
Польский режиссер документального кино. Выпускник Школы режиссуры Анджея Вайды. Преподаватель документального курса Doc Pro.
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Chukotka is a place located on the edge of Siberia, where the cold winter lasts for ten months. It's a severe land, where only the strongest are able to survive. One of the oldest Siberian tribes lives there for centuries. Its traditions, culture and life in harmony with nature were brutally destroyed by the Soviet regime. Since the collapse of the USSR, they have been trying to survive, missing the wisdom of their ancestors and hope for the future. One of the last sources of life and tradition of Chukchi is whale hunting, but the fate of this old tradition is also threatened. For the Chukchi people, the whales give hope to survive the next winter. When the land of Lorino warms up from the sun, the hunting begins. It is a battle between two worlds, and each of them is on the edge of disappearing forever.
The Whale from Lorino
59 min