Liis Nimik
Liis Nimik
Документалист, редактор и продюсер. Окончила Балтийскую школу кино и медиа. Является партнером продюсерской компании Alasti Kino. Преподает документальное кино и монтаж. Яявляется членом Эстонской гильдии документалистов и Эстонского союза киноредакторов.
Eeva’s mother Hille has maintained close ties with her drug-addict son, Lauri even after he left Estonia for South America. But their last call ended in an argument and it’s been six months since she last heard from Lauri. Hille has become desperate. Eeva, who has not seen her brother for such a long time, reluctantly travels to Bogotá, Colombia, to search for him on the streets. Limited by language and culture, Eeva begins to imagine her brother's life as one of the many invisible urban souls. Trapped between hope and panic, the dangerous journey of Eeva suddenly takes an unexpected turn that transforms her chase into an unforgettable mission of the heart.
A Loss of Something Ever Felt
82 min