Valentina Bulaeva
Valentina Bulaeva
Обучалась в Академии психологии, предпринимательства и менеджмента в Санкт-Петербурге. Училась на переводчика в АН. Грибоедова, позже решила попробовать свои силы в режиссуре кино. Поступила в Институт кинематографии им. Герасимова (ВГИК).
Six months is exactly the amount that 36-year-old Natasha has from the moment of release from the correctional colony on parole to the subpoena, where the term of supervision will be decided, because neither the state nor society has confidence in people like Natasha. Six months to implement the plan called "I'm here." Here means in the planetarium, in the Tretyakov Gallery, on a hike with childhood friends, at work, with relatives. And next to her father, to whom Natasha has yet to tell the whole truth. She believes that she will be able to restore broken ties with the world, with people, with herself. And then, perhaps, not only the court, but also the viewer will stand up for her defense.
100 min