Angel Angelov
Angel Angelov
Украинский режиссер, оператор и фотограф. После окончания факультета режиссуры (Киевский университет кино и телевидения им. И. Карпенко-Карого) начал работать в области документальных и художественных фильмов, а также в сфере рекламы.
The protagonist researcher Dmytro Gromov and the cameraman Angel Angelov are embarking on a dangerous mission: both are planning to cross about 50 km of an inhospitable desert in order to illegally enter the protected hangars of Baikonur and watch the launch of the rocket. The heat of the desert reaches almost 47 degrees Celsius. Dehydration, starvation, physical and psychological exhaustion are not the only difficulties on their way to Baikonur. The guys are risking to be arrested and put in jail if they will be spotted by the Russian military forces, since the Cosmodrome is under the legislation of the Russian Federation. The adrenaline of discovery finally overtakes the fear of getting caught. The investigation of the classified object turns into the exploration of the self.
Breaking into Baikonur
67 min