Maksim Shved
Maksim Shved
Окончил юридический факультет Белорусского государственного университета, позже —Высшую школу режиссеров и сценаристов в Санкт-Петербурге (2013) и Киношколу Анджея Вайды (2016). Снимает документальные сериалы для телевидения и социальные видеоролики.
Anna and Pasha work as taxi drivers. A month before the presidential elections in Belarus their passengers are enthusiastically discussing the situation in the country. The pre-election race is eventful, new candidates do not leave anyone indifferent. Some believe that Belarus is an island of stability in a turbulent world, while others vote for change with all their hearts. The gallery of portraits and opinions will show Belarusians on the eve of the historical events of August 2020. Whose dreams were closer to reality? What price did the heroes and the crew have to pay for them?
Belarus: Recalculating Route
53 min
On the eve of the presidential elections in Belarus, the director worked on a film about two taxi drivers. Watching the heroes, he not only witnessed the first days of protests in Minsk, but he himself fell under a wave of violence and was imprisoned. Trying to comprehend what happened, he turns the camera on himself.
What will we do tomorrow?
8 min
A giant white canvas travels through the streets of Minsk. Inspired by the multi-colored rectangles on the walls of the city, the abstract artist Zakhar Kudin copies them onto the canvas and thus tries to fit into the landscape of his native country. He argues that the purpose of true art is to ask questions, not seek answers. However, such statements do not quite suit the authorities, who, among other curious people, are trying to interpret the work of a street artist. Watching the birth of an artistic phenomenon, the film shows modern Belarus with irony and love and through the mouth of passers-by asks questions that are relevant not only for this country.
Pure art
50 min