Georgi Bogdanov
Georgi Bogdanov
Болгарский кинематографист, режиссер, художник и фотограф. Автор визуальных кампаний, документальных фильмов и видеороликов. Идеолог и сооснователь продюсерской компании AGITPROP и соучредитель компании Bulgarian Photographic Association.
An unforgettable collection of characters from all around Europe, stuck between their past and future, for whom their old sotz cars are the most important members of their family - their true favorites, which give them meaning and hope. From the love story of a young couple who met thanks to their love for cars, through inheritance of the one and only car companiоn of the last sexton in a small village, through a girl inspired by pin-up modeling, to the fate-changing political moment for them - when you have to abandon your beloved car to jump through the border to the "free" world. A cinematic journey, made with ultimate attention to its heroes. They love the feeling of freedom, which the growling of their clumsy automobiles gives them. Their journey back and forth the past and the future raises the question of identity and collective memory of some 500 million Europeans today.
The Cars We Drove Into Capitalism
93 min
PALACE FOR THE PEOPLE tells the stories of the most emblematic five buildings of socialist times - highly representative for the epoch and witnessing the historical turbulence in Eastern Europe in the second half of the XX century. The National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Moscow State University, Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, Palace of Serbia in Belgrade, Palace of the Republic in Berlin are unique architectural creatures made with a lot of courage and a bit of lunacy to remind the people there was an ultimate power and brighter future. Each one is the tallest, the largest, has the biggest clock on Earth, or the most advanced technology of its time. They were the most grandiose enterprises in a time when collective good was the major state policy. Now that socialism is over it's time to go back and reveal their hidden secrets. The film takes a snapshot of the palaces today, as seen through the eyes of people related to them - their architects, former and current directors, ordinary people who worked in them.
Palace for the People
90 min