Dmitry Bobrov
Dmitry Bobrov
Окончил операторский факультет ГИТР. Основал свою студию Script.Shot.Sound. Член гос. комиссии ГИТР. Член Гильдии неигрового кино и тв. Имеет 3 операторские награды в США, а также различные премии в области кино и фотографии.
Inspired by the races in Bonneville, Sergey Maltsev decides to organize Russia's first festival of speed on ice. More than twenty racing teams support the idea and go to the legendary Lake Baikal to try to overcome speed and their own fear. The harsh North prevents them from getting to the place, and the main racing track is literally split in half by a strong earthquake. The organizers must do the impossible for the festival to take place and the teams to set world speed records. Will the Urals of Sergey Maltsev be able to reach the mark of 180 km/h, and the racing cars of Sergey Kabargin and Arkady Tsaregradtsev be able to enter the pair drift at a speed of 300 km/h?
Baikal: Motors and Ice
44 min
Two legendary Moscow custom workshops, FCM and Fitil-DMC, are teaming up to change the attitude of the European motorcycle community towards Russian Ural motorcycles once and for all! They have the ambitious task of building a beautiful Puncher-F riding bike and sending it to the Wheels and Waves festival in Biarritz.
Biarritz: Russian Custom in Europe
44 min
Russian engineers build a unique retro motorcycle and for the first time in history get the right to participate in the race to set a world speed record in the United States. The motor can explode at any moment, but this does not stop the team.
Bonny: Russian record on the salt flats
43 min