Korney Gricyuk
Korney Gricyuk
Украинский режиссер и сценарист. Работает на украинских телеканалах и киностудиях видеоредактором и сценаристом. Как кинорежиссер снял несколько короткометражных фильмов, некоторые из них участвовали в международных кинофестивалях и были отмечены призами.
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Donbas is a region in Eastern Ukraine that is currently recognized worldwide due to the fierce war with Russia for the accession of this territory into the "Russian world". However, at the end of the XIX century, Donbas was the center of Belgian, German, French, British, and American settlements, and housed entrepreneurs from different countries who built architecture, and enterprises, and introduced progressive technologies in this territory. After the revolution of 1917, and the Soviet’s rise to power, the factories were taken from the European and North American settlers and nationalized, effectively destroying the memory of European history there. Since February 24th, 2022, Russian troops have been continuing in their efforts to sabotage these buildings of European heritage, finalizing what their ancestors did not have time to do during the Soviet Union. The documentary film ‘Eurodonbas’ shows the foreign heritage of Mariupol, Lysychansk, Druzhkivka, and New York. The film team discovered and brought animated the unique, but lesser-known archival materials of Donbas during the XIX century. Experts, historians, and locals tell their tales and pieces of evidence about the region’s history, which was carefully destroyed and distorted by Soviet authorities who worked to erase the legacies of European entrepreneurs like John Hughes, Ernest Solve, and Henrich Laude. Unfortunately, these cities of Donbas and their European heritage as they were in the film will remain unseen. Soon after filming, almost all of them were destroyed by Russian missiles.
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Many people believe that acting is red carpets, star-studded festivals, expensive dresses, and luxurious tuxedos. But what is behind the glamour and glitz? What does it take to become an actor? The path to glory is long and arduous. Not all talent is destined for fame. Not all talent deserves fame. A lucky few reach the top, become recognisable, wealthy, and beloved. Many more live anonymous lives, never fulfilling their dreams. This film was created on the basis of video self tapes and video business cards of actors that they themselves post on YouTube.
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"The Train: Kyiv - War" is a full-length documentary film directed by Korniy Gricyuk. The dramatic history of the Kyiv-Kstyantynivka train, with its passengers` unique fates, pain, memories, secrets, hopes, is a history of today Ukraine. Only 12.5 hours away from peaceful Kyiv is Kostyantynivka, a small industrial city in the eastern part of the country, immediately after which the front begins. This entire time people with different characters, social status, political views and beliefs are travelling on the train side by side.
Train: Kyiv-War
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A Canadian film director arrived in the biggest European country and discovered that everyone left. During his expedition, he finds just several people scattered across the territory and figures out the reason why everyone left and how to live in an uninhabited land.
2020 #deserted country
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