Svetlana Prokudina
Svetlana Prokudina
Работала на радиостанции «Эхо Петербурга» в качестве ведущей новостей и автора тематических программ. Лауреат журналистских премий. Окончила Школу документального кино и театра Марины Разбежкиной и Михаила Угарова.
I look out the window. It's snowing there even though it's already April. I think of people I know who had to leave their home. While the city is covered with snow, I listen to their stories about how they feel now.
35 wishes about the same
5 min
Vera Pavlovna has never been to Saratov. She lived in St. Petersburg and ran a sewing workshop. And in Saratov lived the author of the novel "What is to be done?" Nikolai Chernyshevsky, who invented Vera Pavlovna and her dreams. This is a film about who and what Chernyshevsky would see in his hometown if he were there today.
Vera Pavlovna has a dream
75 min
In two weeks the players from Abkhazia are going to London. The World Cup among unrecognized states and autonomies will be held there. The task of the Abkhaz national team is to win this tournament at any cost. The plans of the Abkhaz footballers are overshadowed only by the fact that until the last moment it remains unclear whether they will receive a British visa and whether they will even get to the championship.
Non-Standard Positions
64 min
In Soviet times, it was impossible to get to the concerts of the composer Oleg Karavaychuk, because they simply did not exist. Karavaychuk's eccentricity aroused bewilderment among the then leaders of culture, and he was actually forbidden to speak to the public. Recognition came to the composer only in the 2000s.
Karavaichuk. Beyond Love
54 min