Taisiya Krugovykh
Taisiya Krugovykh
Режиссерка, видеохудожница, специалистка по теории и практике монтажа. Снимает фильмы для правозащитных НКО.
13 years ago, residents of the Dagestan village of Irganay suddenly woke up from the fact that their houses were full of water. It turned out that the authorities, without warning and preparation, put into operation the Irganay hydroelectric power station, as a result of which the gardens and houses of almost ten thousand people were flooded. The damage was estimated at 9.5 billion rubles, but the Irganay residents never received compensation from the state. What is happening now in the place where the most delicious apricots in Dagestan grew?
Flooded Livelihood
48 min
The Atomic Bomb Rejector is a fantastic invention by Sergey Kalmykov for converting destructive energy into creative energy. Theater director Rustem Begenov will ask the audience to fall asleep, sing a song of praise to themselves, and turn on a Soviet-era light bulb to make Kalmykov's invention work. What does Rustem preach, to what extent is it clear and necessary for humanity today?
Theory of New Genius
50 min
“Putin almost won, though he did not take into account that zombies can come out of the grave and give him a thumbs up, as Alyokhina and Tolokonnikova do in their final performance. The dead will rise and ask for explanations. In the future,” critic, film critic Anzhelika Artyukh .
Putin versus Pussy
60 min